Simply Lovely

I love the loveliness of Spring! I love the changing colors and shapes that burst forth for all to enjoy. I love the aroma of boxwood, lilies and roses. I love the settling reminder of purpose and order in an ever-changing world. I love the refreshing and renewal that awakens new passion and energy.

Spring is different in the city. I have not spent the winter nights dreaming and planning new ideas to implement in the garden. I don’t have daffodils, tulips, peonies, roses, forsythia, snowball bushes and the plethora of plants and greenery to cut and enjoy right outside my door – or view as I paint. However, I don’t have to prune, weed, dig, move, mulch and fertilize. Moving to a new way of life and embracing new plans has not robbed me of joy but only spurred me on with new plans, new desires and new life.

Different drawings and paintings are filling my mind. Ideas are continually whirling in my head. The garden blooming outside my door and all around me now is people. I’m reminded of an excerpt from my mother’s journal I found a couple of years ago:

- May 19, 1969

“I just went out and cut the most beautiful bouquet of pale pink rosebuds. I love cut flowers in the house. Someday when our children are grown and I have time on my hands, I hope to have a flower garden so we can have fresh flowers more often. Right now I have two beautiful flowers that are of rare beauty. One is named David and one is named Carol. They need all the care and attention I can give.”

Mom nourished us and covered us with constant care and attention. Later she did the same for her grandchildren and others. She never got around to the flower garden because her life was filled with serving others. She is in the latter stages of dementia now, but she still scoots around the nursing home with words of encouragement and caring for others. Her desire to bless others is rooted deep and still bearing fruit.

Painting and drawing portraits is a testimony of how much people matter. Every person is significant because everyone is made in the image of our Father who loves us.

On a side note – Trader Joe’s keeps glorious fresh flowers in our home and a small “city garden” on a narrow balcony is my personal retreat.