Roy Barnes Unveiling.jpg

Governor Roy E. Barnes

Carol Kirby is one of the most talented portrait artists in America today. She has done two portratis of me, one for the State Capitol and one for the University of Georgia Law School, and both have been wonderful. Her work is unsurpassed and inspired.” - Roy E. Barnes

Jim Wells, CEO, Suntrust Corp.

"Dear Carol, I have just seen the portrait in the Board room and the likeness is amazing to me.  You were gracious in your vision, and, at the same time, careful to present your skills in a way that is most impressive.  Please accept our most heartfelt thanks for your careful and caring work, and for the wonderful result.  I know that your great talent will continue to be found by grateful subjects, and that each one will be as happy with the outcome as are Jane and I. “  Sincerely, Jim


Rev. James O. Speed, 1st Presbyterian, Marietta, GA

 “Dear Carol,  As I am sure you have heard others express, it is a deeply humbling experience for me to see myself in a painting.  But it is  especially important to me to feel that you, the artist, perceived so well what I tried to be and do.  You saw what I reached for with God’s Word and I think the portrait does say it in it’s own quiet way. “  Rev. James O. Speed, 1st Presbyterian, Marietta, GA