One Woman exhibition, Ann Irwin Fine Art Gallery

Anne Irwin Fine Art Gallery, one of the Southeast’s most highly regarded destinations for collecting fine art, hosted a one woman exhibit of Carol’s paintings to showcase the legacy and significance of the painted portrait.

The Modern Portrait Exhibition, New York

A delightful time in New York with artist friends and colleagues from all over the nation.  See Carol’s blog for a detailed account of the trip.

Painting in the Round, Portrait Society of Atlanta

Carol’s painting technique was featured live along with four other accomplished Portrait Society of Atlanta artists in painting a 2 hour demonstration of one of the most dearly loved portrait teachers in Atlanta - Jim Schell. Jim was regarded as a master artist whose profound influence on the portrait world continues to this day. He died in 2013 at the age of 94.

Portrait Demo at Georgia Institute of Technology

With a desire to give back and encourage emerging artist, Carol visited the campus of Georgia Tech to paint a live demo of one of the students for the campus art club.  She also shared technical and professional advice for building a career as a full time artist.

Painting From Life At The Cloister, Sea Island

Carol was invited by Anderson Fine Art Gallery to join other nationally accomplished portrait artists', Igor Babailov, Allan Banks, Holly Banks, Mary Minifie, and Martha Carpenter to visit the Golden Isles Cloister resort for three days and paint various clients from life sittings.