Working With Carol

Conversation – The process of creating a portrait begins with a discussion between the artist and the client. Considerations include the size of the painting; where the painting will hang; the location of the sitting; the client’s desire for a more casual or formal approach; and review of the artist’s current schedule.

Concept/Initial sitting – Carol will travel to the client’s preferred location and upon arrival will scout out potential settings while also considering any input from the client. A setting with natural light is the most desired option. Whether the subject is a young child or adult, Carol will engage the sitter in conversation to understand their personality better and what makes them unique. Using her camera to record hundreds of observations, the time needed for photography is approximately 2 hours. When possible, a time is scheduled for later that same day to review the pictures on a laptop computer.

Compositional Sketch – After returning to the studio, Carol will develop a full-scale drawing that will be mailed to the client for approval before the painting begins.


Painting in Studio – Once the sketch has been approved and mailed back to the artist, the canvas is stretched and the observations are recorded one brushstroke at a time. Painting in layers, the first coat of paint is applied with large brushes and broad strokes. Each consecutive layer builds more and more detail until the final image emerges and the story is told.  


Final sitting/Review – In general, most clients visit the Atlanta studio to see the completed painting. Carol will paint from life if any adjustments are needed. For larger group paintings, travel to the client’s location for the final review may be possible. Carol’s primary goal is for the client to be thrilled with the painting and she guarantees complete satisfaction with the finished product.  


Framing – The frame is an integral part of the painting and samples of hand made frames will be shown to those who are interested in the artist’s recommendations.